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Friday, November 29, 2013

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Boracay is one of the best travel destinations not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. In fact, a recognized travel magazine awarded it as the best island for the year 2012. Figures also show that this famous beach was also the top tourist attraction in the Philippines. In terms of visitors, it surpassed its 2012 record with 900,000 and still rising. Authorities estimated an increase of 1.1M in December, which took almost 1/3 of the country’s tourist visits.

With all this figures in hand, a question popped in to my head: “Why do they love Boracay?”

1.Stunning view for swimming and relaxation.

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Do you want a break from your stressful work? A vacation in Boracay will do. Marvel its white sand beaches and crystalline blue waters. Boracay is a paradise and heaven rolled in to one.

2.Sun Tanning

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Enjoy and bask under the heat of the sun and get your well-deserved tan lines. Boracay’s sunny weather is perfect for those who want to look good with their new color.

3.Island hopping

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7,107 islands, need to ask for more? If you are craving for privacy or a quality bonding time with your family then this activity is for you. Enjoy nature’s ambience as you visit one of these islands.


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Other than island hopping and nature tripping, Boracay still has lots to offer. If you are a shopaholic by heart, you will be delighted at the different boutiques and shops in the island. There is the famous D’Mall, a one-stop shop in Station 2. They sell t-shirts, slippers, swim wear, and souvenirs. They also have restaurants inside that offers different local and international cuisines.

5.Night Life

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Boracay is a paradise at day and a party haven at night. Sit, relax, and drink beers while chatting with your friends. Dance and party all night while making new friends. DJs are all over the place to mix your type of music all the way. You can check here for details:

6.Fun Activities

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If you want an exciting and exhilarating experience, choose from Boracay’s outdoor activities. Glide with the wind with Parasailing; take in the breathtaking views with Zipline; have a bumpy ride with a Zorb ball and many more.

No wonder it is more fun in the Philippines because of the wonderful pleasures Boracay Island has to offer. Are you planning one-day vacation in Boracay? Nah, with this list it is not enough.