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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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It cannot be denied that the Philippines is a country rich in culture and history. This has resulted into a number of settlers to find the Philippine Islands as a perfect place to live in. And, affordable Boracay packages are tickets to somehow experience and have a peek on the fun life of adventure of the first settlers.

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Boracay Island is one of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines that has a picture perfect scenery and white sand beach—a perfect place to have a break the long months of work and school. But aside from the wonderful scenery, good people, tastyl food and party-hard nights, the island still features its culture and history through colorful festivals.

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One of these colorful festivals is the famous “Ati-atihan Festival”, where participants dance across the streets with the beats of their drums. Behind the fact that Ati-atihan Festival is known by many Filipinos, along with the fast-paced society, a number of questions about this colorful festival seemed to be hidden behind the masks and paints all over the participants faces and bodies.

How, when and why did Ati-atihan Festival come to the Philippine culture are questions that revolve around the history of society and religion.

“Ati-atihan”, liiterally “to look like the Atis,” is a celebration of friendship between the Atis, the ten Datus, and settlers from Borneo who lived in Panay Island. Atis were believed to have settled on the highlands while the Borneo settlers stayed on the lowlands. Friendship between the Atis and Borneo settlers was even better strengthened by the time that the Maraynon (Borneo settlers) from the lowlands helped the Atis in finding food after a storm wiped out their crops on the hill side. Going back to the lowland for food became a yearly activity for the Ati people. They sang and danced together with the Maraynon, until they (Maraynon) painted themselves black to join in with Ati people.

However, the Festival was religiously linked when the 1000 baptized residents of Kalibo and other surrounding areas joined in on the festival. In addition, when the Moro raiders attacked the Island of Panay during the 17th century, it is the defenders of Panay that used “Hala Bira”, which means “Hit them!”, as their battle cry while defending the island with artillery. Gunpowder residue left their faces black so much so that they looked like the Atis. They thanked Sto. Nino for they believe that it is him who helped them be saved from the Moro attack.

“Ati-atihan Festival” is one of the real proofs that Philippines is a country rich with different cultures which make up the Filipino heritage. Experiencing the festival right where it originates is like having it first time. An affordable Boracay package showcases not only the beautiful scenery Boracay Island has—it does not comply with just the idea of having a break—but more so, showcases the culture our Country, The Philippines, has. 

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