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Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Of course there will always be new trends when taking pictures on vacation. Just very recently, the internet exploded from all the GoPro monopad photographs here and about. But monopad perspectives, jump shots, and very cool surfboarding photo aren’t the majority of the photos we end up with after the whole trip. Actually, most of the photos that fall common on almost every Facebook vacation album might include illustrations of

Travel Ticket Photos

Say you want to go and avail affordable Boracay packages, or low Cebu airfares, what’s the initial thing you do after deciding and then going for it? You take a photo, of course! And then caption the photo with something introductory and semi-vague like “all ready for the long weekend!”

On The Way Photos

These photos mostly do not have captions, are sometimes pretty “shakily” taken (especially those that shall be hence included in an album), and could sometimes look like just general traveling instead of an actual vacation photo. Single Instagram on-the-way photos, however, are calculated and thus can be captioned with “excited to get on the plane” and such.

…or who you’re staying with; if there’s a best time to take photos of your friends being at their most vulnerable, it’s during their sleep.

To be continued... 

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