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Sunday, January 26, 2014

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boracay beach vacation packages

With the summer almost coming, I want to ask you, have you already planned your trip to Boracay?

If you are planning to go to Boracay, you have two options: either you will be going to Boracay in their peak season or going there at their low season.

Boracay’s peak season happens mostly from October to May, a month where the hanging Amihan prevails. Amihan or the eastern winds usually brings a dry temperature with little or no rain fall at all which gives tourists more time to go sun bathing, swimming and trying various water sports like kite surfing and sailing. That’s the main reason why tourists crowd themselves in the beautiful island of Boracay. Notable dates during the peak season are Chinese New Year, Holy Week and Christmas Day. Never expect budget friendly rates during this time of the year as hotels and resorts are expected to raise their rates.

If you want to have a cheap vacation package in Boracay, you can try to visit the place on its low season in which Habagat occurs. Habagat is a wind from the west which brings rainfall to the Philippines. This is the season when typhoons come and go to the country. So, if you will visit the Philippines on this period do expect cloudy and rainy days more often than sunny days.

Anyways, don't let the miserable climate cut you down. Imagine this, if you will be going at this season you can get the lowest offer there is. Every establishment you’ll see is on a bargain. But you know what? One of the best things that you will be experiencing is the idea of enjoying the beach alone. You would definitely enjoy the peace and quiet ambience of the beach without anyone disturbing your sun bathing or kite surfing.

One additional tip that I will be giving you is this, book your flight schedules and hotel reservations months before your vacation as there were promos that offers P888 pesos on a two way trip. Hope that this little piece of information would help. Enjoy your trip!

Monday, January 13, 2014

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Aside from the long stretch of its white powdery sand, fun activities and pristine blue waters, can you think of something that makes tourists come back to it for the nth time? Models? Celebrities? Yes, I know that it is surrounded by gorgeous people but one of the real attraction that kept people coming back is its food. Let me introduce this to you, mouth watering foods to try in your Boracay vacation:

1. Chori Burger

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Made from the Philippines’ chorizo or locally known as Longganisa, this burger is really special and one of its kind. It is usually served with its sweet and spicy sauce covered with the modest burger bun which is grilled to its finest. If you want to try this burger, there are small stalls along the white beach in the late afternoon from which is available from station 1 up to station 3. Along side chori burger, varieties of street foods are also offered: isaw(chicken/pork intestine), hotdog, betamax(chicken blood) and pork barbecue.

2. Fruit Shakes

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Thirsty? Maybe Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar would quench your thirst. They offer varieties of shakes. Some of their shakes are: Choco Banana, Mango Banana, Strawberry Shake, Mocha Shake, Watermelon and even fruits mixed with alcohol like Mocha Rum. Though they are known for their shakes alone, they also offer: Sizzling Shrimp, Sisig, Beef Tapa, Tortang Talong and Fried Lumpia.

If you are going to Boracay and wanted to find their store, it is located in front of Willy’s rock in Station 1 and some of their small branches down the Main Road.

3. Calamansi Muffins

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Real Coffee is a little coffee shop in the alleys of Station 2 in Boracay. Its place is hard find because of its place but it’s like a treasure at the end of the rainbow if you’ll find it. Just be alert and be attentive to sign boards to find them.