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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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air asia zest air

This year, Air Asia launched one of the cheapest and the most convenient way to go to Boracay. All passengers who will book a flight from Manila to Kalibo, Aklan will only have to pay P520 per person on a one way trip. Their partnership with Southwest tours just made it possible for local and international tourists to experience a hassle free trip to Boracay.

For those interested with this cheap offer, the route will go like this:

• First, the tourist will be flying from Manila to Kalibo, Aklan(Kalibo International Airport)
• From KIA, a bus will be waiting for another trip to Caticlan
• Lastly, from Caticlan Jettyport the tourist would be on a ferry ride to the island of Boracay where another vehicle is waiting to escort you on your hotel. But take note that this trip is only available for travelers who are settled in stations 1,2 and 3 only.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Boracay being one of the most popular beaches in the world is expected to hit more visits especially that the high season is coming. People of different ages, whether local or international, keep coming to this island because of its beauty and the extra ordinary life that awaits them in the island. Such activities include sun bathing, swimming, kite-surfing, all night long partying, name it, Boracay has all of it. If you are going to Boracay and is planning to do these sorts of activities, then you should know the right outfit for you. This article was brought to you by: website who's offering affordable boracay packages in 2014.

Wear your most comfortable outfit

boracay vacation_outfit

Being in a well known island does not mean that you have to be in formal attires. There is also no official outfit in this island, just wear the beach outfit that you are most comfortable with. In the afternoon, where the temperature is really high, females may wear bikinis (two-piece or one-piece) while males can wear their board shorts. It is really advisable to wear bikinis and board shorts because aside from the heat of the sun, it is the time of the day where you’ll be swimming, or doing some sorts of water activities available.


boracay packages 2014-flip-flops

Have you imagined wearing your favorite rubber shoes or high heels while walking in the sand? Hassle isn’t it? Some female tourists who used high heels got their heels stuck in the sand while some who used shoes filled their shoes with sand. Save your high heels and shoes for other occasions because it just doesn’t fit the environment you can use flip flops and sandals instead.

Sun block

boracay packages 2014_sunblock


Save yourself from getting sun burns by using sun block. On the moment that you will buy a sunscreen, take note of the product’s SPF and water proof ability. Sun block’s strength can be measured through SPFs or the screen protection factor of it. Aside from the SPFs, you can also consider other external factors such as: the amount applied, how often you apply the sunscreen and how many sunscreen the skin absorbed. If you are planning to buy a sun block, you can follow this guide: buying a sun block

Pocket Money

boracay packages 2014_money


Moreover, for a safer trip, you can bring or at least prepare extra money for the trip. Set aside your money for basic expenses like food, fare, accommodations, and other necessities from the money for your emergency needs.

I hope that this article helped you! Again, happy trip!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Are you planning to go to Boracay this summer? If yes, you should at least know what you would expect in this island. We all know that Boracay is an island gifted with rich natural resources like its famous white sand beaches, but did you know that apart from where it’s known for, this place also offers a different kind of beauty not known to everybody.

These are some of Boracay’s greatest attractions:


boracay vacation packages_sunset view


One of the best attractions in this place is its sunset. It may not be that popular as the Manila Bay’s sunset, but what makes them better than Manila Bay’s is it witnessed a numerous exchanging of vows from the typical Filipino locals and is a usual wedding venues for the celebrity weddings.

Butterfly Garden

boracay vacation packages 2014_butterfly


Play with different species of butterflies donning different colors. Know the life cycle of butterflies in their butterfly nursery where you can see a real life specimen from egg, caterpillar, pupa and adult. Aside from butterfly viewing, they also offer releasing of butterflies from cages for weddings or any memorable occasions.

Sand Castles

boracay packages in 2014_sand castle


This was once one of the best tourist attractions in the area. It is roughly created by a group of locals who aimed to make tourists and passersby amused with their works. They were not asking for money but tourists made voluntary donations an ordinance was passed in year 2008. For details, you can check the news here. You can still catch a glimpse of its amazing sand castles if you’d be lucky enough.

Those were just few of Boracay's attractions, so tune in for more. Have a safe and happy trip!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Do you love listening to the waves and watch how the sun sets? Don't you simply love walking to the sunny shore while holding your partner’s hand? With all nature’s wonders and perfect romantic ambience, who would dare to resist such a place so relaxing that can somewhat alleviate stress from the city’s noise and pollution. Imagine spending that special moment in an extraordinary place with the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with? That was just awesome!

Valentine’s day is one of the most special day of the year where lovers show affection to each other. It happens on the 14th day of February which is commonly called as “hearts day”. In the Philippines, it began in the story where Cupid sets an arrow to two human beings eventually pairing them and making them in love with each other. I totally disagree that this story is true but if you will be creative enough for valentines, it might be true after all. Nonetheless, I’m not stopping you to do the traditional way where the boys give flowers and chocolates to the girls but if you want to make your date a romantic and memorable one, you can follow these tips:

1. Watch the sunset

boracay packages 2014_sunset

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Enjoy your sweetheart's company as you sit next to each other while enjoying the scenery and forgetting all your worries and stress. Just listen to the ocean, feel the cool breeze, and look to the horizon while thinking of the words "It's just you and me... forever."

2. Romantic Dinner

boracay packages 2014_dinner

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Actually, this idea is overused but isn’t it sweet for a couple to spend the night on the beach. It’s usually done with a table at the center of flowers and lights. Accompany this with bouquet of flowers given to the girl.

3. Sky Lantern Flying

boracay packages 2014_lantern flying

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Find some resort accomplice in doing this. You can set this up after the romantic dinner. Set up one location in the beach full of sky lanterns. Surprise the girl with your present, ask her to go to the place and light one. Accompany her in flying the lantern.

4. Parasailing

cheap vacation packages_parasailing

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Parasailing is an activity where a kite is attached to a speed boat. You can try this exciting activity with your partner. Just be sure to prepare your budget for this one.

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