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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Three days ago, my friends and I were out of town on one of the popular beaches here in the Philippines. It was a long waited vacation as plans to the nearest resorts in our home town were usually not going through. Finally, it became a reality when one of my college barkada thought of an idea of going outside Bulacan. He reserved a 2 days one night package. It was a fun packed vacation until I accidentally stepped on a sea urchin wandering underneath the sea. According to the article that I’ve read over the internet, sea urchins usually goes to the shallow sandy parts of the sea or just hiding under the crevices of the corals.

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Sea Urchins by:

If you got stung by a sea urchin, these are the steps that you should follow:

Remove the Spines

                   First step you’ve got to do is to remove the spine as quickly as possible. The best way to remove it is by using tweezers, using this tool you can remove all the spines inside your foot. It will somehow alleviate pain once the spines are slowly removed.  If you do not have tweezers, you can just your finger nails or fingers to remove it. If you can’t remove it by your finger nails, you can choose to leave it that way or cut it by a nail cutter which leaves smaller portions of spines under your feet.

Soak Affected Area with Vinegar/Hot Water

                After removing the spines or even with spines in, soak or wash the affected with vinegar. Soak it from 30-40 minutes. Sources from the net says that vinegar help in dissolving the spines and alleviating the pain on the affected area. If you do not have vinegar, you can use warm water as an alternative.

Wash it Water and Soap

                Finally, wash it to water and soap and put an anti-bacterial cream if possible. This step will ensure that you’ll be able to walk with it without infections.

                As for my own experience, I just did steps one and two, though worst is I didn’t have tweezers with me so I just cut it with nail cutter. I washed my affected with vinegar for 30 minutes and it’s like magic! Soreness was gone instantly.   

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Yesterday, as I was browsing the net, I found a great article in Yahoo that triggered my curiosity.

When I saw the title and the description it made me more excited and questions instantly popped inside of my head and started thinking. Why do these international celebrities find time to visit the Philippines in spite of their busy schedule? 

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Why do they love the Philippines? What are the things that makes them comeback of the country in spite of the negative news that are circulating around the globe?

                I clicked the article, and read positive reviews about the different places that they love about our country and these are just two their reasons:

One celebrity that visited Palawan twitted: “Thank you to the AMAZING staff at Amanpulo in the Philippines for the most relaxing, gorgeous holiday. #paradise,” her caption read.

The other celebrity that visited Boracay twitted: “Merry Christmas from the beautiful island of Boracay.”he says.

                Based on the celebrities’ reasons, they have one thing in common, they loved the Philippines because of its majestic beauty and its friendly people. For the full story, you can read this article here:Spots International Celebrities Love.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Included in Boracay Go's affordable packages is its hotel partner The Palms of Boracay in station 1. It is an elegant resort that gives you a great value for your money. Though the place is not overlooking the sea it has a large pool just in front of its rooms.

In the video, first featured here is its native Reception Area and upstairs is the Bar Lounge area which looks down the restaurant and the Lobby. Upstairs is the bar, it has a huge glass window which lets the light to enter and outside is a wooden table overlooking the pool area.

All the rooms in the Palms of Boracay Resort is luxurious enough to suit your needs. Almost all the suites here have modern amenities included. Here are the suites available and its features: 

Two bedroom suite

  • Large king sized bed
  • Small Dining Table Facing a Large Window
  • Modern amenities:

-Flat Screen TV with Cable channels
-Air conditioning System

2nd room

  • You have an option to choose a Queen sized bed or twin bed.
  • Living area with beautiful furnishings (sofa with foam).
  •  Full Kitchen

-Full sized ref
-Large stove
-tea kettle
  • Entertainment Area

-Large flat screen TV
-DVD Player
  • Water dispenser
  • Kettle for your coffee
  • Bathroom with porcelain sink and marble walls.
  • Shower area with large porcelain tub.

 Studio suite w/ Balcony

  • King sized bed
  • Writing desk w/ free Bag from Palms
  • Kitchenette, mini Ref, kettle
  • Dining area good for 3 persons
  •  Large sliding glass doors
  • Living Area
  • Spacious Bathroom with tub
  • Flat Screen TV

 Studio Suite w/ Terrace

Features:      Sofa Area
  • Terrace with small Coffee Table and 2 Chairs
  • Dining Table
  • Small Kitchenette with snacks and mini ref
  • Bathroom with Vanity Mirror and Porcelain Tub

 2 bedroom/ loft style

·      Queen Bed
·     Split type air conditioning
·     Small couch and flat screen tv
·     Downstairs area
-Nice and spacious
-King size bed
-Spiral stair case kitchenette luggage rack flat screen tv

If you would just notice, all of the rooms in the Palms Boracay Resort are spacious that won’t let you feel claustrophobic. Aside from its spacious rooms, all the rooms are also fully furnished. Hope you enjoyed this open house preview of the Palms Boracay.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

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                 Today, I would like to share to you a video dubbed by Rick St. John, the founder of and WOW Philippines Travel Agency which both offers affordable Boracay Packages in 2014

Willy’s Beach Resort

                Located at Boracay’s White Beach Resort in station 1, Willy’s is a beach front resort just a few meters away from the famous Willy’s rock, Boracay’s most photographed rock. From its reception area, just in front of it is a restaurant/bar. There, you can enjoy breeze of fresh air, eat your meals and even drink beers at night.

                Opposite the reception area, is the Super Deluxe Room. Outside, it has a veranda where you can relax and chill. Inside the room, you will see 1 single sized bed, 1 double sized bed, a refrigerator loaded with beverages, and a bathroom with shower and a shower door. 

                Aside from the Super Deluxe Room, they also offer the standard room and the deluxe room. For the standard room, they will give you a Queen sized bed and a sitting area on the second floor of the building. The sitting area, is open air where you can stay and sip a cup of coffee with your friends. For the deluxe room, included are the basic amenities with a Queen sized bed and a Twin bed plus a bathroom.

                So, that’s it. You can tune up for more open house videos from resorts here in Boracay.