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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Boracay is really a popular destination that even beaches from other places would be proud to be named after it. This was evident in Sarangani where one of its beaches was named Boracay of the South. Featured in Matanglawin, the beach of Lemlunay, Sarangani shows an enticing row of white sand beaches and azure waters which can be compared to the world class beaches of Boracay. 

Popular in this area is the Lemlunay diving spot, “Lemlunay” which comes from the tribe T’boli which means “Paraiso” or paradise. In a depth of 5 meters, you can experience a different kind of adventure in the underwater world. Present here are different underwater creatures of fishes and corals that are supposed to be found 100 meters below sea level.

Before 2009, majority of the coral reefs in Sarangani were found dead until it was revived and artificial coral reefs are put into place.  In 2013, 4000 coral reef domes where placed in Maasim Bay, Sarangani and was made of cement and organic materials which served as temporary shelters for many fishes in the place.    

Also, featured in a TV show Kris TV was one of the beaches there from Glan, Sarangani. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

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Have you been to Boracay before? If you are a regular tourist of the island, you will guess this place easily. This place is the most famous shopping center in Boracay. This open air establishment is a one-stop-shop which sells beach wears, lamps, woodcarvings and souvenir items like shirts, key chains and others.

Apart from its souvenir stalls and others, they are also a venue of some of the famous restaurant in Boracay. Some restaurants here are: Hama, Aria, Cyma and many more.

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