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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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It's been 2 weeks when I last updated my blog. So today, I give you a continuation of the last post 10 Things to do in Boracay.

Top 6 to Top 1: 

6. Mountain Biking

boracay mountain biking
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Aside from ATVs, one of the best ways to explore Boracay is through mountain biking. Mountain biking is an activity which helps you to stay fit, helps the environment and lessen the traffic congestions in Boracay. Renting a bike in Boracay will cost you P150/hour.

In 2012, the Boracay mountain club and rescue group were also formed in the island. Aside from being bike hobbyists, they are also involved in different activities to help the people, government and nature. Some of their involvements are tree planting, medical missions, etc.

5. Kite Boarding

boracay kite boarding
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The best and safest place to go kite boarding here in Boracay is in the Bahari. Owned by the famous host and sports enthusiast Marc Nelson, Bahari is a boutique kite boarding resort in the Union Bay, Boracay. A full course in Kite Boarding is only 3-5 days of training.

According to Marc, aside from needing a good wind and shallow water, the secret of kite boarding is to understand the wind.

4. Go Karting

boracay go carting
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Started in 2010, Go Karting is now one of the most exciting activities in the island. This is perfect for speed lovers and driving enthusiasts. For a span of 15 minutes, you can race with your friends on a 700m racetrack.

3. Mermaid Lessons

boracay mermaid lessons
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Did you ever dreamed to be a mermaid? Worry not because dreams do come true. Located here in Boracay is the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. Here you can learn different strokes, kicks that are used by mermaids. Trainings for adults will be for 2 hours and 3-4 hours for kids. After training, you can wear your mermaid costume and swim.

2. Crown Regency Water Park

boracay surfing lessons
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One of the newest attractions in Crown Regency Resort is the Wave Pool and the Wave Rider. Using the resort’s wave pool and wave rider, you can learn surfing, wake boarding or even skim boarding in the safest way.

1.       Cliff diving

cliff diving in boracay
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Probably the most exciting activity here in Boracay is cliff diving at Ariel’s point. Built in 2008, it offers fun activities to enjoy such as snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and swimming. This comes in an affordable package that costs P1500 per person with all the activities you can enjoy and all the drinks that you can have.

Thanks for reading! Follow my blog for more posts. Maybe this would be enough reason for you to try and visit Boracay. 

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

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In today’s post, I will be telling you about a video that I’ve watched in Youtube that features the most fantastic and fun things to do to enhance your Boracay experience. It is an episode of Ang Pinaka, a news and variety show of GMA News TV hosted by Rovilson Fernandez, along with his co-hosts, Maey and Bentong. This particular episode aired last March 14, 2013.

To wrap it all up, these are the 10 Fun Things to do in Boracay:

10. Helmet Diving

helmet diving
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Also known as reef walking, it allows anyone to walk underwater while feeding school of fishes. The helmet weighs almost 25 kilos and looks like a giant fish bowl.  It is primarily invented for the pleasure of those who want to experience scuba diving but doesn’t know how to swim.

9. Drive the ATV

atv driving
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If you wanted to see the view of Boracay you can rent an ATV or a dune buggy. Technically, if you want to drive an ATV in the Metro you will need a driver’s license to do so. But here in Boracay, with just a brief introduction and training, you can ride an ATV and you are good to go.

With the use of an ATV, you will be on an uphill road adventure until you reach a stopover then a stair will lead you to a tower where you can see all the beautiful sceneries in Boracay.

8. Island Hopping

island hopping
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Through island hopping, you can explore different beaches and caves. Once you hop in an island, you can go snorkeling and/or sightseeing. One of the best beaches to explore here in Boracay is the Puka beach. Many tourists considered Puka as one of the best places to swim here because there is little to no presence of algae. It is also the best place to shop as many souvenir shops are in the area.

Island Hopping Boat Rent Prices:

  • Small boat - P2000 for 3 hours.
  •  Medium boat – P3000
  •  Big boat – P4500

7. Sunset Cruise

sunset cruise
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Started in 2006, you will have the opportunity to see the Boracay sunset. Boat rides are available every day from 11-1 pm and 12-4 pm. Aside from the sunset view, this trip could show you the beauty of marine life because the flooring of the boat has a transparent glass for viewing. It is advisable to do this activity in the late afternoon because the weather is better, the marine life is quite visible underneath and there is the breathtaking view of a beautiful sunset.

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