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Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Regarded before as the sick man of Asia, the Philippines is now called as the Asia’s Rising Tiger because of its continued economic growth. It’s a product of the government’s effort to eradicate corruption and poverty which proves helpful to the country’s tourism industry. Because of this renewed success in the economy, famous tourist destinations like Boracay gains much more attention than before. Its tourist visits hit its peak and beats previous records which is a positive for Filipinos as it vastly helps decrease the large rate of unemployment.

If you are a tourist and you want to be a part of this historical boom in the tourism industry, I’ll give you reasons why you should come and visit the Philippines.

Rich in History

• Tabon Caves in Palawan

tabon cave

Located in Lipuun point, Municipality of Quezon, Palawan, this place is highly regarded as the place where every Filipino originated. Fossils of the first known Filipinos called the Tabon man were discovered here aged 22 to 23 thousand years old.

• Mactan Island

mactan island cebu

Known to be the Island of Lapu-lapu, this island near Cebu is included in the list as one of the most historical places in the country. This is where the famous Spanish colonizer Ferdinand Magellan first set foot in the Philippines. Many believed that he discovered the island but it is written in history books that Ruy Lopez de Villalobos was the explorer of the island. Aside from its rich history, it is also a coral island which makes it a best diving and snorkeling site.

White Sand Beaches

Placed at the 4th spot in the world’s longest coastline with 36,289 km, the Philippines can arguably offer a long list of names of beautiful white sand beaches. I would not expound on this topic further as this country in the South East Asia is already known for its beaches but I will name a few popular beaches here.



Awarded before as the best island in the world, this would definitely top the list. With a combination of its majestic beauty and plenty of activities to do, you will definitely never regret the budget you would be using in your vacation on this island.

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Apo Reef Mindoro

apo reef

Blessed with a very rich underwater natural resources, the Apo Reef is a ‘must’ visit spot for travelers who loves scuba diving.



Like the Apo Reef in Mindoro, Siargao offers a distinctive attraction. It houses humongous waves which is a sight to behold for all those surfer enthusiasts out there. The most famous spot in this area is the Cloud 9 as it is included in the top 50 best surfing spots in the world.

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