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Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Upon availing affordable Boracay packages, the things that you get include going and returning tickets, hotel (and buffet) with the hotel’s matching amenities, an island tour, and beach activities. Typically. What you didn’t know though, is that you also get psychological trauma!

Just kidding. But you know the feeling, don’t you? After a long day of swimming at the beach, by the time that you’re already sleeping, you feel as if you’re still floating atop the cradle of waves although, all of which feels almost too real but are actually happening in your brain as lucid dreams.

This lucid dreaming and/or probably vivid hallucination while in the state of half-sleep is called hypnagogia.

Hypnagogia may be characterized by being in a half-asleep/half-awake state followed by cognitive re-experiencing of previous activities in some instance. There are also other characterizations of hypnagogia but we’ll focus on this one and this one is specifically called the Tetris Effect.


Originally, the effect happens because of repetition of a single monocyclic activity that re-manifests itself during half sleep as visions that are almost too real. It’s like playing tetris for too long that your start to see the world and everything in it as tetriminos that you eventually start to visualize moves and combos until you fall asleep and continue to dream about said moves and combos.

The effect is not however purely visual or rooted in monotonous and repetitive activities. Activities that powerfully stimulate the body and the mind may linger in nerve memory and manifest themselves during sleep thus the feeling for swimming albeit being asleep on a dry and otherwise moving bed.

And no, it isn’t something to worry about. It’s a perfectly normal nervous response. Much like feeling that you crashed onto something upon waking up because you were previously dreaming that you were falling. It happens and you don’t have brain trauma. Now go on ahead and enjoy the beach.

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